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    Videocall Technik Profi-Tipps

    Video Conferencing – Pro Tips for Better Online Meetings

    Just open the laptop, dial in to Zoom, Meet, Teams & Co. and you can start the employee conference or the customer meeting. At the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, it was seen as a success if people met virtually at all. People were happy to see each other again, even if someone could only be dimly recognized or their cell phone rang in the middle of the meeting. Today, video calls are just as important for a professional appearance as a well-groomed appearance. But how do you create better video conferences? Our tips will help you appear much more professional with minimal effort.

    Alexander Lorenz provides further tips and recommendations for technical equipment on our mindnapped Youtube channel.

    Improve Videocalls – Pro Tips:


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    Let’s start with the basics: How strong is your Internet?

    Is your Internet connection strong enough for a video conference? You can check this by using a free speed test on the Internet, for example from the Federal Network Agency. Your download should be above 10 Mbits, your upload above 1 Mbit. That’s not the case? Then quit all programs running in the background and check the performance again. Make sure that other users on your network are not interfering, for example by using streaming services at the same time. If the connection is permanently poor, you should consider switching providers.

    It is also recommended to use a LAN cable instead of using the WLAN. This is especially useful in cities with many other WLAN networks.


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    The most significant factor for better Video Conferencing is the lighting.

    Before you start complaining about the quality of your computer camera or even buy an external camera, improve the light. Lighting is the most important factor for good image quality. And the best news is, better light is easy.

    Don’t sit against the light unless you are an undercover agent and want to be seen as a black silhouette.

    An additional light source can improve the image. We recommend an LED lamp* or a ring light*, which can often be set to daylight color. If you are sitting in front of a white wall, it may be enough to light the wall rather than yourself. This creates natural, indirect lighting.

    Video conference with external camera and headset

    Erklärfilm Grafik

    A tip that has nothing to do with the light, but is also important for better video conferencing: the camera should always be at eye level and not filming from below. This problem occurs with almost all laptops and is quite easy to fix by placing the computer on a stack of books.

    The sound matters – but how do you make it better?

    Anyone who’s ever sat in a video conference with 28 people, where at some point everyone was searching for the source of that one annoying beeping noise, knows: better video conferences are also created by good sound. Again, it’s surprisingly easy to improve the quality. If you follow these tips, you’ll eliminate the most common causes of sound problems:

    If the sound quality is still not good, we recommend buying an external microphone* that is placed on the table or a combination of headset* and microphone. The latter may not be the most attractive option. But this ensures that you can hear and be understood well, even when the traffic rushes by. Another pro tip: Go for external devices with USB ports. It’s too annoying when Bluetooth devices aren’t charged at the crucial moment or break down in the middle. You want to equip yourself better? We’ll show our recommendation for a simple set-up for better video call conferences here:


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    What else? The fine-tuning for better video conferencing

    When the Internet is stable, the picture’s sharp and the sound’s crystal clear – what else can go wrong? Preferably nothing, of course. But to ensure that things don’t just run smoothly, but really well, there are other aspects that will improve your video conferences.

    It’s worth clarifying in advance who will be conducting the video call. When strangers meet, it should be clear beforehand who will be doing the introductions. When each participant feels welcome and is greeted, it promotes a productive conversational atmosphere.

    Most software displays a preview before you enter the meeting room. It’s always worth taking one last look and asking yourself: am I making the impression I want to make? Is there anything in the background that I don’t want to show?

    Likewise, you should pay attention to when you can be heard. With Zoom, for example, you need to unlock your microphone; with Microsoft Teams, you can be heard immediately.

    Always test technology beforehand so that there are no embarrassing operating errors under live conditions. And have the charging cable ready. Because we’ve also learned that the same applies to virtual meetings as to meetings in the conference room – it may well take longer.

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    Videocall Technik Profi-Tipps

    Video Conferencing – Pro Tips for Better Online Meetings

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