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    Recruitment Film Production

    Recruitment films become more and more important in employer branding today. Companies present themselves as employers and through recruiting films allow the audience to look behind the scenes. Depending on the aim of the film, the main focus could be on current job vacancies, the working atmosphere or general aspects of the work within the company. Since recruitment videos also give an external image of a company, they should be designed in line with other forms of visual communication of that company.

    How do we work in Recruitment Film?

    Through authenticity and documentary-style approaches we like to convey a realistic image of the company. From our experience, the actual employees are the best representatives of their companies. With the right questions and the right choice of answers, job vacancies appear exactly how they should: exciting, challenging, interesting, humane and with the best working conditions one could ever imagine. To hear that from a potential future colleague – it couldn’t be more credible.

    recruiting film metro group

    Recruitment Film for METRO GROUP


    Equally as important as an interesting presentation is realism. Potential applicants should be able to judge whether the company or task at hand would suit them or not. Is accounting really my thing? Do I actually want to work for a multinational corporation, that requires working abroad? In the end, both sides will benefit from these considerations. Afterall, employers don’t want as many applicants as possible, rather the right ones; applications from those who will become happy and successful employees.

    Our personal approach to Recruitment Film

    To illustrate how we as a production company tackle the topic of recruiting, we have produced our own film – about ourselves! It shows how we work as a film production company. In addition, viewers learn exactly who is behind the name “mindnapped” and what our mindset is like. Of course, we didn’t do this just for fun: Job-interested people can find out how mindnapped works and which jobs we are regularly looking for.

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