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William Hunt - Suboptimal Expression Output Interface
William Hunt - Suboptimal Expression Output Interface

To create films that will be remembered.

Authenticity is the basis for long-term success. We start from reality and shape it with cinematic means. That's how we give our films an effect that is long lasting.

Finished projects
Peter Behrens - Vom Skizzenblock zum Alexanderplatz Still
Peter Behrens - Vom Skizzenblock zum Alexanderplatz

No film is like another.

No matter whether it's a documentation, a television report, a corporate video or a music video: Each project brings its own tasks, needs and challenges. In coordination with our clients, we develop customized solutions.

Our services

Alexander Lorenz

directing, concepts, camera

Alexander studied photography and film. In his work as a director, cinematographer and writer, he places great value on documentary aspects. Even in fictional pieces, his starting point is reality.

Portrait Andrea Toscano

Andrea Toscano

post production, editing, compositing

Andrea earned a degree at the Art Academy of Turin and has many years of experience in various post-production houses in Italy and Germany. At mindnapped he is the expert for post-production.

Angel Lorenz Portrait

Angela Lorenz

production, set design, planning

Having studied architecture and interior design, Angela is responsible for Set and Production Design. She is also the main contact for organization and production related issues.

Portrait Patrick Piffczyk

Patrick Piffczyk

production, project managment, sales

Patrick studied filmmaking in Cologne and has already worked in Production and Sales for years. His knowledge of the industry and his pragmatic way of thinking are key for his project planning.

Irena Schmid Portrait

Irena Schmid

Marketing, Sales, Consulting and PR

Irena has gained a lot of professional experience in many different fields during her MBA and her first studies in media design. Her knowledge of the film industry makes her the ideal contact person when it comes to corporate movies.

Gesine Mulsow Portrait

Gesine Wolf

apprentice, media design

Gesine began as an intern, but already established herself as a vital part of the team. Even after her graduation, she remains an integral part of our team and is involved in all areas - in project preparation, on the set and in post-production.

Annika Seidel

apprentice media design

Annika is a student and apprentice in one. Before she started at mindnapped, she had been teaching theoretical content in the vocational school and at the university for two years. With us she is involved from planning to post-production and applies her acquired knowledge in practice.

Kira Vogt

editing, media design

Kira is a graduated media designer for images and sound - her specialty is editing. With her experience in editing for television, she is the woman at the editing suite at mindnapped. It is not uncommon to meet her on the set, where she demonstrates her camera skills.