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Explainer video – a Quick Transfer of Knowledge

Basically, it’s quite simple. In explainer videos we convey complicated topics in a short space of time. With all the means of audiovisual communication, tailored to your audience; short, concise and distinctive. A service for your customers, which improves the brand perception and has been proven to increase service life, conversion rates and sales.

How do we do Explainer Video?

At the beginning there are always the classic questions. Who is the target group? What should be conveyed? Where will the film be shown? We can’t get around these questions. We can only produce a tailor-made explainer film for you, when we understand exactly what you want to achieve.

In order to support you to the best of our ability, our experienced team of authors will conduct a detailed preliminary discussion with you. Based on this discussion, we can develop the concept for your video and propose a suitable implementation. The goal: through storytelling, the content will be portrayed so that it sticks in your mind.

When we develop the visuals, we will pay close attention to your design requirements, for example as a style guide, visual CI etc. We can do this because our films are always produced individually. Unlike “ready-made” products, our films are custom made to meet your needs.

imagefilm tonhalle familienwoche explainer video

What does Explainer Video look like?

Explainer videos have many forms. Often, they rely on illustrations and animations, but sometimes on live action video as well. Character animation, 2D or 3D motion graphics, white board animations or 360 degree video – the possibilities are endless. What all these techniques have in common is that all the information is simultaneously communicated through image and sound. This makes it very easy for the viewer to understand the content.

Even if we at mindnapped value individual productions, the genre of explainer videos of course has its own design directions. You can orientate yourself and get inspired. Here’s a selection of examples.

One of the classics is the whiteboard technique. A hand pushes drawn objects into the picture. The story arises from the combination of image and sound. This technique is playful and likeable and is relatively easy to produce.

Stock Footage

The use of stock footage is very popular for explainer videos. This kind of footage is already pre-produced video content, readily available to be put into videos. For example, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the German state of North Rhine Westphalia, we used stock footage in our explainer video for the corresponding contest.

Snap – the mindnapped explainer style

Explainers are mostly produced on short notice and in series. That often results in too little time for individual style development. That is why we have developed our own explainer video style. Its pre-defined design saves time and our customers know right from the start what their video will look like. Snap’s main color palette is black and white, but is complemented by two (or more) highlight colors. The look is reminiscent of comics, without being too playful or childish. This means it can be used in a wide variety of fields and applications. Snap is characterized by its clearly defined basic design. But story, CI colors and individual drawings make your Snap video unique.

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