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    Live on the Internet

    Broadcast your events live on the Internet.
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    Professional livestream service provider

    We help companies and institutions with event live stream video productions in every way. As an experienced streaming service provider, we cover the entire broadcast of your event. Everything from planning, stage sound, camera and lighting to the actual live streaming to the platform of your choice we will assist you with. Whether it’s a lecture, an internal event or a stage show, you’ll get the most out of your event with a live stream production.

    Livestreaming service of the agency mindnapped

    To ensure that your livestream production runs smoothly, we offer you all services around your live broadcast from a single source. Thanks to our many years of experience as a film production and live streaming company, we do not only realize your live stream, but also take care of the technical processes of a stage show. As an agency, we offer you competent and individual advice to realize your event livestream according to your ideas. Thereby we involve marketing right from the start and offer you the entire livestream service from a single source

    Free initial consultation Free initial consultation

    In a free initial consultation, we address your needs and offer an individual solution for you.

    Fixed price packages Fixed price packages

    Our attractive fixed price packages are tailored to the most common types of event live streaming. No matter if spontaneous stream or elaborate live show.

    Proven process Proven process

    Thanks to our many years of experience as a livestream service provider, we can implement live broadcasts of all kinds - even in a short time

    Comprehensive support Comprehensive support

    We are also there for you after the production. Market your or an event video from your broadcast.

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    Packages livestream production


     Streaming technician

    Set-up time
     2 hours

    Setup the day before


     Streaming technician
    Video- & Sound engineer

    Set-up time
     3 hours

    Setup the day before


     Streaming technician
    Video- & Sound engineer
    1 Cameraman 

    Set-up time
     5 hours

    Setup the day before

    What does Live Streaming mean?

    Live stream refers to all types of real-time transmission on the Internet. Depending on the type and purpose, a live stream production can therefore be very individual and various. On the lower end, an individual can stream with just the help of a webcam – while large broadcast productions, like football games, can also be streamed live.

    Popular types live streams are webcasts and webinars. A webcast is a program that is specially designed for the Internet and is broadcast live. The content and the sequence of events are planned in advance and partly pre-produced. In most cases, a webcast can also be viewed online afterwards.

    The term webinar is made up of the words “web” for Internet and “seminar”. Webinars are mostly used for workshops, trainings or other forms of learning. Viewers are guided during a webinar and have the opportunity to interact. Via microphone or webcam, the participants can also communicate with each other and can ask questions. If, for example, the use of new programs is to be learned, a screen cast can be used for this purpose.

    This is why a livestream production is worthwhile

    Reach Reach

    You decide who can watch. Privately on the intranet or publicly and worldwide. The maximum number of viewers is huge.

    Interactivity Interactivity

    Viewers can participate live through chat, poll or comment functions. A real added value.

    Sustainability Sustainability

    Less travel also means less emissions. Plus, you can capture your event for the future with a recorded livestream.

    Digitization Digitization

    Digital solutions are contemporary, popular with your customers and convey a progressive image of your company

    Here's how a livestream provider can help you

    Livestream productions add value to any type of event. Many companies use livestreams for conferences, product presentations or lectures. But also sports events, fashion shows or gaming competitions are ideal events for a live broadcast.

    Thanks to individual customization options through your livestreaming provider, there are no limits to the use of live streams. With a stream on your homepage you have the possibility to generate more traffic. But also private, non-public event live streamings of employee events like townhall meetings can be a great use case.

    Final preparations from the livestreaming service provider for FuckUpNight livestream

    Final preparations for FuckUpNight livestream

    FAQ about livestreams

    How does a livestream production work?

    Depending on the type of event you are planning, the live stream production can be very different. With us, every production starts with a comprehensive project kick off. In this meeting, we focus entirely on your goals and requirements.

    In any case, for a live broadcast you need a camera, a microphone and a streaming device. Very simple streams can be realized with a laptop and a webcam. When it comes to bigger projects with a number of cameras at different locations a more elaborate setup will be required. A livestream technician ensures a technically smooth process and the safe transmission of the stream. We, as a livestreaming service provider, also offer the appropriate lighting, as well as the sound mixing by a sound engineer.

    How spontaneously can a livestream production be implemented?

    A live stream can be produced spontaneously. However, the more elaborate the livestream production is, the longer the necessary preparation time. Simple productions with few cameras can be realized within a couple of days.

    Can multiple graphics or images be displayed at the same time?

    Yes, because live streams also allow you to switch back and forth between multiple cameras, just like in a TV show. It is also possible to superimpose images from two or more cameras at the same time. The use of animations or pre-produced inserts provides the finishing touch to a live stream. These can be, for example lower thirds, an intro or even a presentation during a lecture. This adds professionalism to every live stream and makes it more entertaining for the viewers. In addition, it is possible to produce a live stream in front of a green screen, which brings a big plus in flexibility. With the help of live keying, any background can be inserted into a live stream.

    What graphics should you use in a livestream?

    To make a live stream more interesting and entertaining, many types of animations and graphics are available. These also make the content easier to understand and convey professionalism. Here are the most important graphics and animations used in live stream productions:

    •     Lower thirds (to show names and descriptions of people)
    •     Intro Animations
    •     Outro Animations
    •     Separator graphics
    •     Picture in picture graphic for fading in presentations
    •     Presentations (z.B. Powerpoint)
    •     Company logo
    •     Countdown (Animation before start)

    In which resolution can I stream live?

    The higher the resolution of a live stream, the more detailed and sharper the image. In principle, a stream can be streamed with all known resolutions, theoretically up to 8K. Common resolutions for a stream are HD and Full HD. This is because a higher resolution always means a higher data rate.

    Too high a resolution can lead to streaming problems for viewers if the available internet is not fast enough. A crucial factor is therefore the internet speed when uploading the stream, as high resolutions cannot be streamed smoothly if the speed is too low. We are happy to advise you on the ideal resolution for your live stream production and provide the appropriate equipment for each variant.

    How fast does the internet connection need to be for a livestream?

    The required Internet speed depends primarily on the resolution in which a stream is to be sent. The upload speed is the most important factor here. For a video quality in HD (1280x720p), an upload speed of 3-5 Mbit/s is usually required.

    Which platforms can be streamed to?

    The number of platforms for live streaming is huge. But depending on the topic, target group or intended use, different providers are suited differently well. That’s why, as a professional live stream service provider, we offer a transmission to the platform of your choice and advise you on the various advantages and disadvantages.

    The best-known streaming providers, which are particularly suitable for a young target group, are social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitch or YouTube. On the one hand, they can be used free of charge and users are informed of a stream by notification. Through a comment function, your user base can interact during the stream. However, if you only want to make your stream available to employees or a limited group, you have the option of using paid providers. These offer better analytics tools – but these platforms come at a cost and are often only available by subscription. A professional streaming service provider such as mindnapped can organize access for you without the need for long-term subscriptions.

    A popular provider for live streaming is Vimeo, for example. There you can use features like live Q&A, live polls and a live chat. If you want to reach a particularly large number of people, you even have the option of streaming a stream simultaneously on multiple platforms with the help of a simulcast server.

    The most popular streaming platforms at a glance:

    •     Facebook
    •     Youtube
    •     Twitch
    •     Vimeo
    •     Periscope
    •     Instagram
    •     UStream
    •     Da Cast
    •     Mixer

    How much does a professional live stream cost?

    The production of a live stream is very individually dependent on the type or purpose. Depending on the complexity of the production, the costs for the live stream can vary greatly. The price for a live stream depends on the number of people involved, the equipment, but also factors such as the length of the stream and the platform on which it is streamed. As a live streaming service provider, we have put together attractive fixed price packages for the most common live stream productions.

    We are convinced that consulting service is an important part of any live stream production. Please contact us for a personal and non-binding price information and initial project consultation for your request.

    Can the stream be recorded?

    We are also happy to record your live stream for you. The recording of a live stream offers many advantages and is therefore also recommended by us. Not only can you make the stream available online afterwards, there is also the possibility to use the recorded material in other films, for example in an event video.

    Is the stream password protected?

    Whether a live stream is password-protected depends primarily on the choice of streaming platform. With free providers (such as social media platforms), this option is usually not available. However, if you want to open a stream only for your employees or a limited audience, we can help you choose the right platform for your stream.

    Can it also be streamed to the intranet?

    A live stream can be transmitted to the intranet, which can be beneficial in many cases. Especially if internal meetings or trainings are to be streamed. We are happy to make your live stream available on your intranet so that your employees can access it easily.

    Is it possible to use a simultaneous interpreter? 

    The use of a simultaneous interpreter is also possible for an event live stream. It is a common solution for presentations with speakers of different languages or an international audience. The interpreters for one or more languages can be at the same location as the main action or can be connected through the internet. In both cases we will integrate the translated audio into the stream. For speeches or scripted presentations, subtitles can alternatively be used to translate the video stream for viewers from all over the world.


    Is there a chat in the livestream?

    A chat function is offered on almost all livestreaming platforms. The chat gives your viewers the opportunity to ask questions, give feedback and share their thoughts during the stream. A big advantage is the possibility to read and analyse the comments that occurred during the stream afterwards. Depending on the provider, there are additional features such as polls or Q&As.

    How is the Livestream Chat managed?

    Just as there is usually a moderator at events, this also makes sense in a chat. In the case of live event streaming on the Internet, this is also referred to as a community manager. Since there are many ways for employees to be involved during an event, it is a good idea to appoint a person for this task in advance. A community manager can respond to viewer questions in the chat, moderate and forward the questions so that they can be answered in the stream. We will be happy to provide you with more information on this or provide a community manager if needed.