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    Documentation and Documentary

    The best stories come from real life. You may think the camera can simply be left to run and then it’s done, the movie is finished. Sadly it’s not that simple, because a good documentary is more than just the true-to-nature reproduction of reality. Telling stories, that captivate the viewer requires experience, intuition and technology.

    For us at mindnapped, documentaries are part of the DNA of our film production. Our team of experienced writers, camera people and editors shape reality through the means of film. We produce documentaries, reports, portraits and television programmes. When doing so we of course stick to format specifications but at the same time we try to things a bit differently.

    Our Projects

    In addition to television stations and editorial offices, our customers include museums, public authorities, non-profit organisations and private companies. The authenticity provided by documentary approaches is very valuable for our clients.

    Documentaries can also be used for good causes. For example, we produce short reports for Stiftung KinderHerz, in which we present the research projects supported by this foundation.


    Biographical Film

    The portrayal of the architect and artist Peter Behrens was a special project for us. Since its creation in 2015, the film has been shown worldwide at festivals and exhibitions. From Los Angeles to Seoul, people have once again come to know the work of this important pioneer of modern architecture.


    In a Nutshell: the television report

    We’ve been working for the editorial team from the ZDFinfo TV-magazine “Elektrischer Reporter” in a long-term cooperation. Here is an example of a report we’ve written, filmed and edited.


    Outlook for the Genre of Documentary

    Documentary is the oldest of all film genres. For us that means responsibility and motivation at the same time. The freshness and immediacy, which lies in the depiction of reality, hasn’t lost its power, even in times of the Internet and the variety of media.

    No matter how complicated or demanding, we always look forward to new challenges. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our way of working or if you are planning the production of a documentary film or video project yourself.

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