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    Trade Fair Video

    Trade Fair Videos by mindnapped

    Trade fairs are ideal platforms for presenting your company as well as for customer acquisition. They offer you the opportunity to convince many people of your product, project or service in a short period of time. With a trade fair film by mindnapped you will attract the attention of the trade fair visitors directly!

    Advantages of a Trade Fair Video

    A successful trade fair presentation requires detailed planning and preparation. This is key when it comes to attracting the interest of potential customers to your trade fair booth. As an exhibitor, you have little opportunity to actively engage visitors between the typical hustle and bustle at a trade fair and the large number of competing trade fair stands. However, if you show a film at your stand, you almost automatically attract a wide audience.

    With a professional trade fair production you can stand out clearly from your competitors. You will be able to attract interested trade fair visitors and directing their attention to your products, services and company in an instant.

    Ein Messestand, auf dem ein Video auf einer Leinwand gezeigt wird

    A trade fair film gives your stand a special visual touch – Our video at ACHEMA

    Steps to your Trade Fair Video

    Pre-Production Pre-Production

    Production Production

    Postproduction Postproduction

    Trade fair film - the ultimate Eye-catcher

    Film productions for trade fairs are defined by their use and not their format. They can be produced as a documentary, scenic film or animated movie but could also be interview films, corporate films or tutorials. But what trade fair productions always have in common, however, is their mostly silent presentation. In order to convey their content convincingly in the noisy surroundings of a trade fair, they have to get by completely without sound or voice-over. Trade fair film formats from mindnapped are produced in such a way that they attract the attention of trade fair visitors according to your individual requirements. They offer impulses for making first contact and present products, services, brands or your company.Far beyond product information, a well-done video at the trade fair booth always conveys emotions. Trade fair productions by mindnapped convey positive energy and conviction so that potential new customers approach your booth with a good feeling.

    For convincing trade fair videos, we rely on thorough research in advance. Made possible by our journalistic know-how and modern technical equipment. Interviewing you during our kick-off enables us to present your visions and concepts in an impressive way. In addition, we use sophisticated filming techniques and aesthetically pleasing angles to stage your product or project skilfully.

    Ein Lastwagen, der mit Bildschirmen beladen auf einem Messestand steht. Die Bildschirme zeigen einen Messefilm.

    Properly planned and done, a trade fair film can be seamlessly integrated into your booth decoration.

    Your video at your trade fair booth

    A film that gets to the heart of your marketing strategy will attract the right target group. Show who you are, what you do and what you stand for with a film at your trade fair booth. The positive effect of videos is undisputed: It has been proven that film productions are remembered longer than brochures. They open the way to long-term customer relationships.

    Eine Videoleinwand auf einer Messe

    A trade fair video is the eye-catcher of every booth.


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    But why hiring mindnapped for your next trade fair?

    Trade fairs attract international audiences. As an experienced film producer with an international customer base, there is almost no language in which we have not produced before.

    Of course, you will benefit from our individual advice and professional producing experience for your trade fair film. We are at your disposal for film and video productions right from the start of your trade fair planning, but we can also actively support you in the course of your planning work. We will also be happy to convince you of our event films or live streams with which you can capture moods and experiences directly at the trade fair, record them and use them for your marketing.