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Live-Streaming Setup with only one Camera

Live streaming - interactive and communicative

In the era of social media, internet users have the desire to participate interactively everywhere. This creates new challenges for our customers. We develop efficient and cost-effective solutions to these challenges. Live content streaming is one of these solutions. Such a webcast connects your event or presentation to the internet - and connects you with your viewers. It enables direct interaction on both sides.

What does Live Streaming mean?

Videos of large events, presentations and conferences are mostly one-sided. For example, viewers only get to see summaries or short clips of an event that is usually over already most of the time. These videos are not interactive and therefore do not offer opportunities to ask questions or to even have an influence on the content. A stream closes the gaps between the event, the video and the viewers.

With live streaming, camera images or videos are sent directly to the internet. Viewers can immediately watch a broadcast via a streaming portal or an app and communicate with you directly in front of the camera by using – for example – an integrated chat function. This gives you the opportunity to respond to questions, suggestions, objections and the mood of your viewers directly. This allows you to design your program interactively and proactively. With a stream, all your viewers and employees worldwide become a part of your event. Trade fair and gaming events and press conferences as well as employee events can benefit from such a webcast and save you money. After all, you no longer have to worry about renting larger conference rooms or event halls. In addition, there are no travel and accommodation costs for your event participants, as they can participate from home.

Presenter in Greenscreen Studio - As if he were streaming!

Our service – your show!

To make your live streaming event a success, we offer various packages tailored to your needs. Their exact contents will of course be adapted to your wishes by our team after initial planning and preliminary discussions. Our service packages are primarily based on the planned scope and target group of your stream. Creating a convincing but nevertheless affordable solution, without making any compromises, is our goal. We take care of the entire technical implementation and support: the setup of the live stream via network or internet, microphone as well as lighting setup and camera operation – even with an optional green screen! During the stream, our team will also manage the entire video and sound under your instructions, so that you only have to take care of your appearance in front of the camera. We can stream press conferences, product presentations and keynotes with one or two cameras, as well as live broadcasts of larger events and even trade fairs that require more than three cameras. There are almost no limits to our technical and creative possibilities.

Streaming is diverse

The versatility of live streaming is undeniable: you can integrate the webcast into your homepage to generate traffic, but you can also set up private, non-public webcasts of an employee event. Only certain people in your company would have access to such private live streams. Otherwise, you can present yourself live on the large social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. This allows you to make direct contact with the public and significantly increase your exposure. This is particularly suitable for event streams. Furthermore, the webcast’s image design possibilities go beyond a still image: animated inserts, pre-produced inserts, camera switches – in many respects, a live stream resembles an interactive TV programm with you and your event at the center.

Streaming is communicative, interactive, creative, personal and authentic.

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