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METRO GROUP Recruiting Filme

Training at METRO GROUP

For METRO GROUP’s training website, we have produced a series of recruitment videos. The participating trainees are portrayed in the style of video selfies, presenting their work and hobbies. This concept originates from the corporate communications department at METRO GROUP.

METRO GROUP Recruiting Filme Kamera

Last preparations running.

On their site, METRO GROUP presents the training programmes within the entire corporate group. This includes not only the well-known retail brands METRO Cash & Carry, Media Markt, Saturn and Real but also the METRO GROUP service companies, which are responsible for a variety of areas such as logistics, information technology, advertising and real estate. Of course, the training opportunities offered here are as diverse as the company and its employees. To show the diversity, real apprentices speak with authenticity. They talk about their apprenticeship as well as a bit about themselves.

METRO GROUP Recruiting Filme - Alexander Lorenz mit Gimbal

Alexander Lorenz with Gimbal

Authenticity is key

To give the spoken text an authentic feel, it was important to let the trainees speak freely and to only use appropriate questioning techniques to make them speak about the topics we needed. With the young interviewees, we tried to build a conversational environment based on trust, taking into account certain requirements. Because we focused on their training and hobbies, we did interviews both inside and outside of work. For each trainee one day of shooting was available.

For the documentational footage, we wanted to try something new and suggested filming with an electronic image stabilizer, a so called camera gimbal. This system enables smooth tracking shots without rails or sliders. In addition, we were very quickly able to set up the necessary shots and at the same time create a very elegant and dynamic look.

In our opinion, the website gives a very successful example of modern personnel marketing and we’re happy to have contributed our share to the outcome.

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