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Greenscreen Studio in Düsseldorf
Aufnahmen im Greenscreen Studio

Green-Screen Service in Germany

We know green-screen shots from the making of elaborate feature film productions. But studio recordings and especially recordings in a green-screen studio are also a common technique for company films, corporate films and advertising. By recording in our in-house studio or in the mobile Green Screen studio on site, we offer our customers great flexibility with guaranteed consistent quality.

No matter whether it’s a moderation, interview, teleprompter presentation or shooting with actors - Green-screen studio recordings offer the best possibility to plan, focus and effectively convey the desired spoken content.

mobiler Greenscreen
Der mobile Greenscreen im Einsatz

The Mobile Green-Screen

Our mobile green-screen can be used in almost any interior or office space. The installation work is manageable and the design possibilities are practically endless. From a presentation in which a whole person is visible, to close-ups of a speaker or object, everything in the recording can be implemented.

Postproduktion Greenscreen
Ergebnis der Postproduktion für 40-teilige Videoreihe der Deutschen Welle

Post Production

Post-production is the most important part of green-screen productions. Automated image processing filters out all areas in the image that have a certain green tone, making them "transparent". Compositing can now be used as a background. This means you can select a consistent background, or change the background while the person is speaking in the foreground.

Our in-house post-production is best prepared for working with greenscreen material. Our experience ranges from individual interviews and social media videos to a 40-part web series for Deutsche Welle.

Our Studio in Düsseldorf

Besides its green-screen background, our own studio has changing facilities, a make-up area, toilets and a kitchenette. By providing such facilities, we can offer our customers a pleasant and comfortable working environment during the recording.

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