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    How much is a Corporate Video?

    The production of a corporate video can be a tricky subject. How do I want to present my business? Which emotions and what information do I want to convey? How do I position my company for the future? The answers to these questions are different for each company. Once the decision is taken to produce a corporate film the search for a production company begins. Obviously cost is one of the decisive arguments when it comes to choosing the right partner for the project. mindnapped is specialized in corporate videos with many years of experience in that field. That’s why we can assure you that there’s actually no general answer to the question “How much is a corporate video?”. The reason is, that each film is different.

    Nevertheless, there are many factors that have an impact on the price of a corporate video. And some are real cost drivers. At the same time there are often cost effective alternatives too. It can get very confusing sometimes! That’s why a non-binding initial consultation is essential for us. More on that later.

    In detail: all steps & costs

    We separate the process of video production into three phases: pre-production, production and post-production. In every phase is full of possibilities to make a project more or less elaborate.

    Costs in pre-production

    Conception, script and storyboard are the classic components of pre-production. Developing a story and finding the right words for your message takes time. In this step, we also schedule where and when to shoot and most importantly: we decide on who is going to be standing in front of the camera.

    In general, it is much more expensive to shoot with actors or in rented locations than interviewing employees from your company. That is not just because of the salary of an actor or the rent of a location. Actors are most likely in need of a detailed script, which has to be written beforehand. And rented locations often need specific set decoration from hired scenic designers. All of that takes time and care to be prepared.

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    mindnapped - Video Production and Post-Production

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    Corporate film for FUJIFILM

    Cost on set

    When production begins, we put together a team for the realization. All important positions like camera, lighting, grip, audio and directing have to be assigned. Usually, the complexity of a production is the deciding factor for how many people are going to be involved: In a more sophisticated production more than one person might be part of the same department. In a simpler production environment on the other hand, the opposite is the case and one person might take on several duties. That could mean that the camera operator also sets up the lights in a simple interview setup.

    This screen did cost a lot

    Sophisticated productions need the right equipment

    In short, for complex productions that aim for a movie-like atmosphere, a small team would not be enough. For those occasions, we always hire experts who join our core team.

    Another aspect during this stage of the corporate video production is the renting of equipment. Depending on the staging and requirements of the project, other special equipment – like special cameras, lenses or lighting – are necessary and need to be rented.

    The most expensive factor though, is the mere number of days it takes to shoot your video. Simply because an extra day often doubles the expenses for production. Of course, this depends on the concept and storyboard. For example, if the film needs scenes of three different locations in different parts of the country, it won’t be possible to film them in one day. However, if the film contains only one interview and additional stock footage, one day would be more than enough to shoot.


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    Costs in post production

    Post production is more than just editing. It’s a creative process where all the shot material comes together to be refined into a finished movie. This step also involves implementing animations, VFX, color grading and other elements of this kind.

    Besides the visual design and illustrations for the film, it’s also necessary to finalise the sound-design. This often involves sound-effects and voice-overs that have to be recorded, which may cause additional costs.

    The duration of the post-production phase can vary a lot. The editing of a three minute long documentary-type corporate film won’t take more time than a few days. High-end productions that involve 3D animations, video compositing and color grading can take several weeks in post.

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    Post production is an essential part in producing a movie

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    Trade fair video about the M&C Tech Group

    Each film is unique

    Every story can be told in many different ways. Often, there is no need for famous actors, 3D animations or a uniquely composed soundtrack for every video. We at mindnapped know the sheer uncountable amount of possibilities and made it our business to support our customers on their journey from their idea to their own video. That’s why we feel that a free and non-binding initial consultation is essential to prepare an individual proposal. Our customers are not required to know every little cost driver in film making and what the most efficient planning looks like – that is our task.

    We will be happy to give you advice concerning the best way to realise your corporate film, based on the intended message and the available budget. Feel free to contact us and tell us more about the film you have in mind!

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